Drinking coffee with a purpose is about understanding where your cup of coffee comes from and being proud of it. We allow you to engage in our journey, which begins and returns to the farmers at origin. You have the possibility of making a difference in the life of a woman and her family. We remain focused on always offering high–quality, moderately priced products that can be enjoyed by all those who love coffee.

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Grown In Gakenke District


Fruity aroma, lively acidity and sweet notes of milk chocolate & raspberries.
Grown In Ngula and Katana


Flowery aroma, vibrant acidity, rich fruity flavour that lingers in it's sweet finish.
Grown In The Kayanza Province


Plum-like aroma, sweet rounded lively acidity, full-body creamy caramel flavour.
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Brew Guides

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The Collection

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About Your Beans

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A Family's Journey Ultimately Leading Them To The World Of Coffee.

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What Our Clients Say


Their Congo is lively and flavorful without being too tart; it’s delicious in an americano or an aeropress. If coffee flavors had colors, this would be rainbow cookie sprinkles!


I can't say enough good things about 3AS! The single origin coffee selection is perfect, and their attention to detail in preparing each cup is unmatched. The aroma and flavors are simply heavenly. I highly recommend 3AS to all coffee enthusiasts!


The website is easy to use, the delivery was fast, and the coffee is delicious! I continue to march through the single origins, and love them!


Rwanda especially, is a full bodied flavor, smooth, with hints of chocolate - one of the best coffees I’ve tasted in a long time!


This is one of those coffees that makes you look at the bag so you can remember to buy it again. Every time l've served this to someone they've commented on how delicious it was and asked what it is.


Waking up to quality coffee just starts the day in such a harmonious mood. I've traveled and tried coffee from all over the world ... their unique notes are unmatched. I love having options that include varied combinations of taste. I look forward to opening my next bag.