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Timemore U-Press French Press / Coffee Plunger

R 599.00

Compared to a classic plunger, Timemore's French press features a high-precision stainless steel micro-filter, ensuring enhanced clarity, body, and reduced bitterness in each cup of coffee or tea. With its versatile design, it brews both coffee and tea flawlessly. Available in elegant matte textured black or white covers, it's crafted over borosilicate (medical-grade) glass for a stylish addition to your brewing routine.

    • Sleek minimalist design
    • Dual-use: French press-style coffee and loose-leaf tea in one pot
    • Matte finish prevents fingerprints and stains while retaining heat
    • Refined stainless steel filter with 0.35mm diameter holes filters fine particles better than traditional French press mesh filters
    • V-shaped spout ensures smooth and even pouring
    • Clear volume window with top line at 450ml and middle line at 300ml
    • Removable steel filter and glass vessel for easy cleaning
    • Suitable for both coffee and tea

    • Available colors: White or black
    • Materials: Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, PP, silicone seal
    • Heat-resistant glass with a heat-retaining plastic sleeve
    • Capacity: 450ml
    • Temperature range: -30°C to 200°C
    • Net weight: 340g
    • Size: 84mm x 177mm