A family's journey ultimately leading them to the world of coffee.


3AfricanSisters is a story that began with a family's journey, which led them to Rwanda into the world of coffee. After having experienced a violent attack in their home in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2008, it was time to leave everything behind, reinvent themselves, and begin a new chapter. Subconsciously perhaps they found solace in the Land of a Thousand Hills, which was, too, healing from a past of heinous crimes against humanity. Marc was no stranger to Rwanda. In 1996, with his friend and partner, he had the courage and spirit of adventure to build the first Gorilla Hotel in Kigali. Thirteen years later, in 2009, he purchased the defunct Rwandex coffee factory on Lake Kivu, planting the first seed for his future harvests.


With the eyes of explorers, Marc and Tanya saw potential in their new home. Rwanda at the time was a country naturally rich in high-quality coffee but was lacking in coffee culture. Their journey began exporting 100% Arabica, Specialty coffee from East Africa. Both entrepreneurs, wanting to achieve more and seeking life's most celebrated treasures, became driven to create an exceptional brand of roasted coffee for Rwanda. In March of 2015 "3AfricanSisters" was born. A brand intended to be a positive symbol, built on an ethos of Transparency, Traceability and Accountability.


They embarked on creating their brand narrative, inspired by the coffee, the women, the farmers, and the land, to tell their story. A brand of coffee that depicted the way they saw Rwanda - a rising star, moving forward with strength. For Marc and Tanya, their brand needed to convey what they stand for and believe in - respect, hard work, and a drive towards excellence. Tanya says, "For us, our coffee needed to represent the heart, soul, and determination of the Rwandese people. We chose happy faces as our brand identity, as a tribute to the women whom we believe have been instrumental in changing the image of this country from one of hate to one of hope and forgiveness.


With the start of each new coffee season, the 3AfricanSisters have grown new shoots. They began by roasting on a Diedrich IR12 in the city center of Kigali for the community and tourists, and have expanded to create their range of Africa's Finest Coffees. Today, Tanya says, "We proudly craft coffee that highlights the exotic, fruity, floral flavors, linking you to the fertile lands where Africa's finest coffee is grown. To us, excellence in coffee is not a destination but a continuous journey."



The story of 3AfricanSisters comes from the African custom where extended families can be considered sisters and brothers. Rwanda is a little oasis in the centre of Africa, bordered by Burundi to the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Once upon a time, these were all one land. The speciality green coffee now growing in each of these origins is distinctive in its aromas and flavours. Today it is common for a Rwandese family to have sisters residing in these neighbouring countries. Like sisters from one mother, separated during the countless civil wars in the region, they each developed their unique qualities similar to those of the coffees sourced from these neighbouring regions, hence the story of 3AfricanSisters.