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What does "Single Origin" Mean to you?

May 25, 2021Tanya Sacks

A Full Circle From "Crop to Cup"

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Years ago, our journey in the coffee industry began with exporting Rwanda's Specialty coffee to roasters around the world. They enjoyed buying our single-origins to showcase on their coffee menu, giving their customers something to talk and think about. The definition of single-origin might differ slightly depending on what article you're reading. Still, single-origin coffee is generally from one growing region or single farm in one country. Through living and working here for the past ten years, I have learned that Rwanda's coffee possesses certain complex flavours, depicting its origin, which is due to the soil, altitude, water, and climate in which these Bourbon coffee trees grow.

However, what is essential to understand is that not all coffees from a specific origin are the same. Here in Rwanda, the country is divided into provinces, districts and sectors. There are certain provinces where the coffee is grown, which have distinct characteristics unique to that particular area, similar to the wine industry. Rwandan coffee is known for its bright acidity and rich, creamy body. Yet, specific regions in Rwanda where the coffee produced possesses distinct, unique flavour notes. The processing methods of the coffee cherries also play their part in the final distinctive taste profile of the cup. This is where traceability comes in and why we at 3 African Sisters is exceptionally passionate about offering Africa's Finest single-origin coffee. In a world that is slowly losing that human touch, we offer you a connection to the people and land. Single-origin gives you, the coffee lover, the opportunity to know exactly where your coffee is coming from and, in that way, link them and create a full circle from crop to cup.

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