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The Perfect French Press

May 25, 2021Tanya Sacks

How To Perfect The French Press

One of the most uncomplicated and affordable coffee brewing tools around is the French press also known as a Plunger. This is also the simplest way of brewing coffee for several people at once. A French press gives you the ability to enjoy the subtleties and characteristics of single-origin coffees.

What is important is to always begin with a good quality, freshly roasted coffee.

Normally a course grind is recommended, but we have found that we get better results when we experiment with the grind and the immersion time.

Always remember you can adjust your steep time and grind size to your individual taste, but note that in a French press the coffee sits directly on the grounds and so it is prone to bitterness and oiliness. This can be avoided by serving it immediately after it has been prepared so that the coffee does not carry on extracting.

If you love drinking your coffee from a mug you’ll need 20 grams [approximately 2-heaped tablespoons] of ground coffee with 30ml of water

3 African Sisters - Step By Step Guide to the Perfect French Press Coffee


20g ground coffee – 3 African Sisters Burundi is a good choice

300 ml water 


  1. Pre- heat your mug and French press
  2. Add 20g of ground coffee to your French press.
  3. Pour over some of the hot water.
  4. Immediately start timer and gently stir for 30 seconds making sure the coffee grounds are saturated.
  5. Dose the remaining amount of water evenly over the grounds.
  6. Place lid on and push the plunger down slightly.
  7. Steep for 4 minutes, then gently and slowly press down on the plunger until it can’t be pushed any more and serve immediately.


  • Make sure your water is not boiling hot as not to scorch the grounds.
  • Invest in a French press with a dual filter system, meaning that you get less sediment in your cup.

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