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On the 4th of February this year, Marc and Tanya set off from Rwanda, excited that they would be showcasing the 3 African Sisters brand to a new audience in Croatia at the 6th International Gastronomy and Tourism Fair of the Adriatic Gastro Show. The show was held at the Spaladium Arena in Split and the couple was overjoyed by the positive response to their coffee and story.

The Croatian coffee market is still in its infancy and is just beginning to see speciality coffee shops open up in Zagreb and Split, while young families and professionals are taking the idea of coffee being more than just a bitter drink more and more seriously. It’s clear that the movement for high quality coffee and idea of promoting coffee’s potential as an artisan specialty is becoming more popular and accepted.

Marc and Tanya enjoyed four wonderful days interacting with coffee lovers from all over Croatia and Trieste who attended the show. The guests had a chance to taste 3 African Sisters coffee in the form of espresso and cappuccino, while describing and explaining the origins of the coffee, their unique characteristics and flavour profiles. Marc and Tanya believe that coffee has come a long way from a rudimentary morning necessity and that it is now considered an art form, which can be learned and acquired by anyone who has the time, inclination and passion.

However, it wasn’t all work for Marc and Tanya who also took some time off to explore the port, as no trip to Split would be complete without visiting one of Adriatic’s most vibrant port cities which is located between the mountains and sea. Going to Diocletian’s Palace, a World Heritage Site, was another highlight of their trip. The magnificent palace is built from white stone from a quarry in the neighbouring city of Brac. The couple spent their last day in Croatia walking, eating and taking in the countries splendour and ended their trip on a high note as they watched a magical sunset over the ocean.

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