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Hario Skerton Plus Manual Coffee Grinder

R 999.00

Experience the timeless art of hand-grinding coffee with the Hario Skerton. Its sleek design pays homage to classic manual grinders while offering modern precision. Equipped with a conical ceramic burr, it delivers consistent grounds for a rich brew. Adjustable settings cater to your preferred brewing method, while its durable build and non-slip base ensure stability and portability. -Where tradition meets innovation in every grind.

    • Enjoy a consistent grind for your coffee with its burr stabilization plate.
    • Easily adjust the grind setting to suit various coffee preparation methods.
    • Keep your beans secure with the hopper lid during grinding.
    • Convenient lid for transporting ground coffee.
    • Slip-resistant design ensures stability during use.
    • Effortlessly clean and maintain for long-lasting performance.
    • Grind up to 100g of coffee at once, perfect for multiple servings.

    • Ceramic conical grinding burr for precise and efficient grinding.
    • Stainless steel grinding architecture ensures durability.
    • Glass grinding receptacle with slip-resistant pad at the bottom.
    • Dimensions: W172 × D93 × H231mm.
    • Materials include stainless steel, silicone rubber, polypropylene, and heatproof glass for quality and reliability.