coffee sourcing


With volcanic soils, abundant rainfall and high altitudes, Rwanda has some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world.Rwandese Speciality coffee has become world-renowned by coffee connaisseurs for its exquisite aromas, flavours and quality.We are passionate about Speciality coffee and believe that in order to promote long term, sustainable business for the smallholder farmers, both here in Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo, price needs to be linked to the quality of the coffee. This will in turn benefit the farmers, the coffee lovers and everyone along the chain from tree to cup.Driving to work along the lush mountains, in this Land of A Thousand Hills, people everywhere going about their daily lives, it’s impossible to comprehend the scale of violence and devastation that plagued Rwanda in 1994.For us this is now home and we are committed to securing economic freedom for the smallholder farmers and safeguarding their future in the coffee industry by building resilient, transparent supply chains and making sure the premiums go back to them.


Our Coffee is also available FOT Kigali or FOB Mombassa / Dar es Salaam. Shipping period August to December. Contact us to discuss pricing and delivery terms. We ship most of our coffees in traditional 60kg jute bags with a protective GrainPro or barrier proof inner – an airtight storage system designed to regulate moisture content and to preserve quality for longer.To facilitate the smaller roasters we ship Speciality green beans in 20 Kg Boxes.We pride ourselves with having the flexibility of shipping mixed containers of Speciality Coffee.Click here to view our offerings.


With women as our focus, 3 African Sisters strives to improve the economic opportunities for Rwandese women coffee farmers, by empowering them with the prospect of marketing their unique Speciality coffee to the world.Living here among the coffee farmers, gives us the inspiration and motivation to make a sustainable difference in their daily lives, as we personally source carefully selected, high quality, Speciality Arabica Coffees through direct fair trade.By giving the needed support, in order to constantly improve the quality of the coffee here in Rwanda, we secure a promise for a better future.3 African Sisters aims at being a positive symbol for Rwanda and it is our mission to make the best of Rwandese Speciality Coffee accessible to you.Our 3 African Sisters Speciality green beans are available from our different direct channels of distribution around the world.