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what YOU wiLL NEED

brew guidelines

DRY: 19g ground coffee 

WET: 288ml water 

RATIO: 1:16


GRIND: Medium. Slightly coarser than table salt (adjust grind size/steep time to taste).


1. Boil your water, place paper filter into your V60 and place onto decanter. Rinse the filter to remove potential papery taste and discard the water. 

2. Weigh out and grind coffee medium/fine.

3. Place the decanter onto the scale, pour coffee grinds into the filter and give it a gentle shake to flatten the bed and give a more even pour, then tare. 

4. The brewing water should be just off the boil and around 95’c (remember if you brew hotter you brew faster, so if you’re transferring hot water across from an electric kettle, remember to pre-heat your pouring kettle).

5. Start your timer, and starting at the beds center, pour 2 grams of water per gram of coffee, in a circular motion to saturate the grounds, (36ml water). This is the blooming stage, which allows the coffee to get rid of some gas to have a more even extraction throughout the rest of the brewing. 

6. Grab your brewer and begin to swirl in a circular motion until slurry is evenly mixed.
7. After 30s – 45s, as the bloom stops expanding, add the remaining water in concentric circles, keeping the kettle spout low making sure to get even coverage. Avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. Pay attention to how fast you are pouring, making it as consistent as possible.

(Watch for the colour change in your coffee. The colour will change from a darker brown to a progressively lighter brown indicating how even you are pouring. Water must interact with as much of the coffee bed as possible to get an even extraction).

8. Gently swirl the coffee to remove any grinds stuck to the sides. Keep the level of your brewing water about two-thirds up the inside wall of the brewer, trying to avoid favouring any particular section of the cone. You want your cone to remain full for most of the brew to maintain a thermal mass. Carry on pouring slowly until you reach your target weight. Then swirl one more time to make sure your coffee bed is flat, as this creates an even extraction.

9. Pour at such a rate that the complete brew process takes about 2:30 to 3 minutes. 


OUR TIP: If your coffee tastes bitter or astringent your grind setting is probably too fine, so make it a little more course. If your coffee tastes sour or tart, you want to make the grind finer to bring more balance into the cup. 

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